Making it easier for people with food allergies to navigate life.

Managing food allergies isn't easy. You never really know how a restaurant, hotel, movie theater, amusement park, airline, school, or any place you may visit will react to your concerns and needs regarding exposure to life threatening allergens. This is why we have created Food Allergy Grades, the app that lets you give each establishment you visit a grade based on how well they accomodated you and your family's safety. Referencing these grades and accompanying reviews, people with food allergies and their families can make more informed decisions and better choices about where they eat, play, and stay.

The engine behind Food Allergy Grades Is currently being developed. Eventually you will be able to grade businesses and organizations in the categories below, and we will add new categories as we go. The possibilities are endless...






Amusement Parks



...and any other place you can think of...